Succor point : X (299) Y (3537) Z (-25)

Equipment List

Icon Name Item type
Armadillo Hide Gems
Armadillo Husk Food
Armadillo Meat Food
Bandages Bandages
Blue Diamond Combinable
Bone Chips Combinable
Bottle of Kalish Alcohol
Bronze Dagger Piercing
Bronze Long Sword 1HS
Bronze Main Gauche Piercing
Bronze Morning Star 1HB
Bronze Rapier Piercing
Bronze Scimitar 1HS
Bronze Short Sword 1HS
Bronze Shortened Spear Piercing
Bronze Spear Piercing
Bronze Two Handed Sword 2HS
Bronze Warclub 1HB
Bronze Warhammer 1HB
Buckler Shield
Buckler Shield
Cast-Iron Rapier Piercing
Chunk of Meat Food
Cloth Cap Armor
Cloth Cap Armor
Cloth Cape Armor
Cloth Choker Armor
Cloth Cord Armor
Cloth Gloves Armor
Cloth Pants Armor
Cloth Sandals Armor
Cloth Shawl Armor
Cloth Shirt Armor
Cloth Sleeves Armor
Cloth Veil Armor
Cloth Wristband Armor
Coyotetail Combinable
Cracked Giant Scarab Carapace Gems
Cracked Staff 1HB
Cutthroat Insignia Ring Jewelry
Damaged Militia Helm Gems
Dark Elf Parts Combinable
Desert Tarantula Chitin Gems
Dragoon Dirk Piercing
Embalming Dust Combinable
Fine Steel Dagger Piercing
Fine Steel Great Staff 2HB
Fine Steel Long Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Morning Star 1HB
Fine Steel Rapier Piercing
Fine Steel Scimitar 1HS
Fine Steel Short Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Spear Piercing
Fine Steel Two Handed Sword 2HS
Fine Steel Warhammer 1HB
Giant Scarab Egg Sack Gems
Giant Scarab Legs Gems
Giant Snake Fang Piercing
Giant Snake Rattle Gems
High Quality Cat Pelt Combinable
Human Blood Combinable
Kite Shield Shield
Kite Shield Shield
Lambent Stone Combinable
Large Bag Gems
Large Cloth Gloves Armor
Large Cloth Sleeves Armor
Large Wooden Shield Shield
Leather Boots Armor
Lightstone Light
Low Quality Cat Pelt Combinable
Medium Quality Cat Pelt Combinable
Parrying Dagger Shield
Pickbringers Chainmail Coif Armor
Pickbringers Chainmail Faceguard Armor
Pristine Giant Scarab Carapace Gems
Puma Skin Combinable
Raw-hide Belt Armor
Raw-hide Boots Armor
Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Raw-hide Leggings Armor
Raw-hide Mask Armor
Raw-hide Shoulderpads Armor
Raw-hide Skullcap Armor
Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Raw-hide Wristbands Armor
Round Shield Shield
Ruined Cat Pelt Combinable
Rusty Axe 1HS
Rusty Bastard Sword 1HS
Rusty Battle Axe 1HS
Rusty Broad Sword 1HS
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Flail 1HB
Rusty Halberd 2HS
Rusty Long Sword 1HS
Rusty Mace 1HB
Rusty Morning Star 1HB
Rusty Rapier Piercing
Rusty Scimitar 1HS
Rusty Scythe 2HS
Rusty Short Sword 1HS
Rusty Shortened Spear Piercing
Rusty Spear Piercing
Rusty Two Handed Battle Axe 2HS
Rusty Two Handed Sword 2HS
Rusty Ulak Martial
Rusty Warhammer 1HB
Sand of Ro Gems
Scarab Ring Armor
Scepter of Rahotep 1HB
Scute Shield Shield
Skeleton Parts Combinable
Small Brick of Ore Gems
Small Cloth Cap Armor
Small Cloth Choker Armor
Small Cloth Cord Armor
Small Cloth Gloves Armor
Small Cloth Shawl Armor
Small Cloth Shirt Armor
Small Cloth Wristband Armor
Snake Egg Food
Snake Fang Combinable
Snake Meat Combinable
Snake Venom Sac Combinable
Spider Legs Combinable
Spider Silk Combinable
Spider Venom Sac Combinable
Spiderling Legs Combinable
Spiderling Silk Combinable
Splintering Club 1HB
Water Flask Drink
Wolf Meat Combinable
Wooden Shield Shield
Worn Great Staff 2HB
Zombie Skin Combinable