Succor point : X (1213) Y (4183) Z (3)

Equipment List

Icon Name Item type
Abalone Gorget Armor
Ale Alcohol
Alligator Egg Food
Alligator Skin Gems
Ancient Shark Gut Armor
Arrow Arrow
Backpack Gems
Bandages Bandages
Bandit Sash Gems
Belt Pouch Gems
Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt Gems
Bottle of Kalish Alcohol
Bronze Axe 1HS
Bronze Battle Axe 1HS
Bronze Dagger Piercing
Bronze Knuckles Martial
Bronze Long Sword 1HS
Bronze Mace 1HB
Bronze Main Gauche Piercing
Bronze Rapier Piercing
Bronze Short Sword 1HS
Bronze Shortened Spear Piercing
Bronze Spear Piercing
Bronze Two Handed Sword 2HS
Chunk of Meat Food
Cloth Cap Armor
Cracked Staff 1HB
Deepwater Goblin Net Gems
Eye of Megalodon Armor
Fine Steel Great Staff 2HB
Fine Steel Long Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Scimitar 1HS
Fine Steel Short Sword 1HS
Fish Scales Combinable
Fresh Fish Food
Froglok Blood Combinable
Froglok Meat Combinable
Gnoll Fang Combinable
Gnoll Tongue Gems
Golden Ear Stud Armor
Hammer Head Hammer 1HB
Hammer Head Tooth Armor
Heart of Stone Gems
Human Blood Combinable
Hunting Bow Archery
Iron Ration Food
Lake Pebble Combinable
Large Bag Gems
Large Bronze Boots Armor
Large Bronze Bracers Armor
Large Bronze Breastplate Armor
Large Bronze Collar Armor
Large Bronze Greaves Armor
Large Bronze Helm Armor
Large Bronze Mask Armor
Large Bronze Pauldron Armor
Large Bronze Vambraces Armor
Large Cloth Shirt Armor
Large Raw-hide Boots Armor
Large Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Large Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Large Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Large Raw-hide Leggings Armor
Large Raw-hide Mask Armor
Large Raw-hide Shoulderpads Armor
Large Raw-hide Skullcap Armor
Large Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Large Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Large Raw-hide Wristbands Armor
Large Splinted Bronze Cloak Armor
Loaf of Bread Food
Lord Bergurgle's Crown Armor
Mead Alcohol
Megalodon Hide Cloak Armor
Netted Cap Armor
Netted Cape Armor
Netted Choker Armor
Netted Girth Armor
Netted Gloves Armor
Netted Mantle Armor
Netted Mask Armor
Netted Pants Armor
Netted Shirt Armor
Netted Sleeves Armor
Netted Wristband Armor
Opoline Helm Armor
Patch of Gnoll Fur Combinable
Plasmatic Priest Robe Armor
Quartz Crystal Gems
Rain Water Combinable
Ration Food
Raw-hide Belt Armor
Raw-hide Boots Armor
Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Raw-hide Leggings Armor
Raw-hide Mask Armor
Raw-hide Shoulderpads Armor
Raw-hide Skullcap Armor
Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Raw-hide Wristbands Armor
Ring of Evoluoy Gems
Rod of Bone Gems
Rune Sword of the Ancients 2HS
Runed Totem Staff 2HB
Rusty Axe 1HS
Rusty Battle Axe 1HS
Rusty Broad Sword 1HS
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Flail 1HB
Rusty Long Sword 1HS
Rusty Mace 1HB
Rusty Morning Star 1HB
Rusty Rapier Piercing
Rusty Scythe 2HS
Rusty Short Sword 1HS
Rusty Shortened Spear Piercing
Rusty Spear Piercing
Rusty Two Handed Hammer 2HB
Rusty Two Handed Sword 2HS
Rusty Warhammer 1HB
Shark Bones Combinable
Shark Gut Strung Compound Bow Archery
Shark Meat Combinable
Shark Skin Combinable
Shark Skin Gems
Shark Tooth Piercing
Shark-tooth Necklace Armor
Short Ale Alcohol
Short Beer Alcohol
Shovel 2HB
Shovel Gems
Skull of Jhen`Tra Gems
Small Bag Gems
Small Box Gems
Small Cloth Cap Armor
Small Cloth Cape Armor
Small Cloth Choker Armor
Small Cloth Cord Armor
Small Cloth Gloves Armor
Small Cloth Pants Armor
Small Cloth Sandals Armor
Small Cloth Shawl Armor
Small Cloth Shirt Armor
Small Cloth Sleeves Armor
Small Cloth Veil Armor
Small Cloth Wristband Armor
Small Raw-hide Belt Armor
Small Raw-hide Boots Armor
Small Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Small Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Small Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Small Raw-hide Leggings Armor
Small Raw-hide Mask Armor
Small Raw-hide Shoulderpads Armor
Small Raw-hide Skullcap Armor
Small Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Small Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Small Raw-hide Wristbands Armor
Snake Egg Food
Snake Fang Combinable
Snakeskin Gloves Armor
Snakeskin Jerkin Armor
Snakeskin Mask Armor
The Odus Chronicle Vol. 8 No. 1 Gems
Velvet Choker Armor
Victim's Skull Gems
Water Crystal Staff 1HB
Water Flask Drink
Worn Great Staff 2HB
Wrist Pouch Gems
Zombie Skin Combinable