Succor point : X (88) Y (-16) Z (4)

Equipment List

Icon Name Item type
Ale Alcohol
Amstaf's Scroll Gems
Backpack Gems
Bandages Bandages
Bead Necklace Jewelry
Belt Pouch Gems
Blue Diamond Combinable
Bottle of Kalish Alcohol
Bronze Battle Axe 1HS
Bronze Collar Armor
Bronze Helm Armor
Bronze Knuckles Martial
Bronze Long Sword 1HS
Bronze Mace 1HB
Bronze Mask Armor
Bronze Pauldron Armor
Bronze Two Handed Sword 2HS
Bronze Vambraces Armor
Clawed Knuckle-Ring Jewelry
Cracked Staff 1HB
Crystallized Sulfur Combinable
Dark Elf Parts Combinable
Eye of Serilis Combinable
Fine Steel Dagger Piercing
Fine Steel Great Staff 2HB
Fine Steel Long Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Morning Star 1HB
Fine Steel Rapier Piercing
Fine Steel Scimitar 1HS
Fine Steel Short Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Spear Piercing
Fine Steel Two Handed Sword 2HS
Fine Steel Warhammer 1HB
Fish Food Vial Gems
Flame of Vox Combinable
Forged Bastard Sword 1HS
Forged Deathsteel Short Sword 1HS
Glove of Rallos Zek Combinable
Highkeep Flask Gems
Human Blood Combinable
Human Decapitated Head Gems
Ice of Velious Combinable
Iron Jail Key Gems
Iron Ration Food
Jade Shard Combinable
Large Bag Gems
Large Brick of High Quality Ore Combinable
Large Brick of Unrefined Ore Gems
Leather Whip 1HS
Left Goblin Ear Combinable
Mead Alcohol
Pearl Shard Combinable
Ration Food
Raw-hide Boots Armor
Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Rune of Vision Combinable
Rusty Broad Sword 1HS
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Long Sword 1HS
Rusty Mace 1HB
Rusty Morning Star 1HB
Rusty Short Sword 1HS
Short Beer Alcohol
Short Sword 1HS
Small Bag Gems
Small Box Gems
Small Brick of High Quality Ore Combinable
Small Brick of Unrefined Ore Gems
Small Bronze Boots Armor
Small Bronze Bracers Armor
Small Bronze Breastplate Armor
Small Bronze Collar Armor
Small Bronze Gauntlets Armor
Small Bronze Girdle Armor
Small Bronze Greaves Armor
Small Bronze Helm Armor
Small Bronze Mask Armor
Small Bronze Pauldron Armor
Small Bronze Vambraces Armor
Small Ringmail Boots Armor
Small Ringmail Gloves Armor
Small Splinted Bronze Cloak Armor
Splintering Club 1HB
Steel Knuckles Martial
Torn Parchment Gems
Water Flask Drink
Weighted Gloves Martial