Succor point : X (303) Y (487) Z (-74)

Equipment List

Icon Name Item type
Ball of Velium Gems
Blackened Crystalline Robe Armor
Block of Velium Gems
Bottle of Karsin Acid Gems
Chipped Amber Gems
Chipped Black Pearl Gems
Chipped Black Sapphire Gems
Chipped Bloodstone Gems
Chipped Carnelian Gems
Chipped Cat's Eye Agate Gems
Chipped Diamond Gems
Chipped Emerald Gems
Chipped Fire Emerald Gems
Chipped Fire Opal Gems
Chipped Jade Gems
Chipped Jasper Gems
Chipped Malachite Gems
Chipped Onyx Gems
Chipped Opal Gems
Chipped Pearl Gems
Chipped Peridot Gems
Chipped Ruby Gems
Chipped Sapphire Gems
Chipped Star Ruby Gems
Chipped Topaz Gems
Chipped Turquoise Gems
Chipped Velium Amulet Jewelry
Chipped Wolf's Eye Agate Combinable
Cloak of the Ry`Gorr Oracles Armor
Coldain Head Gems
Crystal Covered Shroud Armor
Crystal Fiber 1HS
Crystal Grinder Piercing
Crystal Lined Slippers Armor
Crystal Webshield Shield
Crystalized Web Silk Gems
Crystalline Belt Armor
Crystalline Robes Armor
Crystalline Silk Combinable
Crystalline Silk Net Gems
Crystallized Blade 1HS
Crystallized Sulfur Combinable
Crystallized Two Handed Sword 2HS
Eye of Serilis Combinable
Flame of Vox Combinable
Foreman's Skull Cap Armor
Froststone Stein Gems
Frozen Long Sword 1HS
Frozen Two Handed Sword 2HS
Glove of Rallos Zek Combinable
Glowing Velium Axe 2HS
Herbalist Pack Gems
Ice of Velious Combinable
Jade Shard Combinable
Klezendian Crystal Gems
Large Brick of Velium Gems
Messenger of the Queen 2H Piercing
Pearl Shard Combinable
Ry`Gorr Mining Pick Piercing
Sceptre of the Coldain Ancients Gems
Shimmering Velium Ruby Gems
Small Brick of Velium Gems
Small Piece of Velium Combinable
Spider Fang Choker Gems
Stalagterror Spine Spear Piercing
Velium Crawler Eye Light
Velium Dagger Piercing
Velium Great Staff 2HB
Velium Long Sword 1HS
Velium Morning Star 1HB
Velium Rapier Piercing
Velium Scimitar 1HS
Velium Short Sword 1HS
Velium Spear Piercing
Velium Two Handed Sword 2HS
Velium Warhammer 1HB
Vial of Drachnid Blood Gems