Tin Merchant X

Full name Tin Merchant X
Level 40
Race Clockwork Gnome
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction Venril Sathir
Health points 3,250
Damage 32 to 124
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Large Groove Nocks (5c)
  • Medium Groove Nocks (1s 5c)
  • Small Groove Nocks (4s)
  • Field Point Arrowheads (5c)
  • Hooked Arrowheads (2s 9c)
  • Silver Tipped Arrowheads (3p 8g)
  • Bundled Wooden Arrow Shafts (5c)
  • Bundled Bone Arrow Shafts (7s 5c)
  • Bundled Ceramic Arrow Shafts (1p 1g)
  • Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts (2p 7g)
  • Several Round Cut Fletchings (5c)
  • Several Parabolic Cut Fletchings (2s 5c)
  • Several Shield Cut Fletchings (1g 8s)
  • Set of Wooden Arrow Vanes (6g 5s)
  • Set of Bone Arrow Vanes (1p 3g)
  • Set of Ceramic Arrow Vanes (3p 2g 1s)
  • Golden Earring (8g)
  • Jade (3p 5g)
  • Pearl (4p 5g)
  • Fire Opal (40p)
  • Fire Emerald (85p)
  • Arrow Shaft Mold (1s)
  • Fletching Kit (1p)
  • Fletching (1g)
  • Tailoring Quivers (2g 5s)
  • This NPC spawns in

    The Overthere

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with