Keeper Plight

Full name Keeper Plight Necromancer Spells
Level 30
Race Iksar
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction
Health points 1,150
Damage 12 to 64
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Spell: Spook the Dead (2s)
  • Spell: Ward Undead (2s 4c)
  • Spell: Endure Disease (5s 5c)
  • Spell: Bone Walk (5s 5c)
  • Spell: Deadeye (2s 8c)
  • Spell: Mend Bones (4s 3c)
  • Spell: Shadow Step (2s 8c)
  • Spell: Engulfing Darkness (1g 1s 8c)
  • Spell: Dark Empathy (3s 4c)
  • Spell: Impart Strength (5s 5c)
  • Spell: Vampiric Embrace (4s 3c)
  • Spell: Heat Blood (9s 2c)
  • Spell: Sight Graft (7s 2c)
  • Spell: Convoke Shadow (1g 5s 2c)
  • Spell: Wave of Enfeeblement (7s 2c)
  • Spell: Lifedraw (1g 5s 4c)
  • Spell: Gather Shadows (4s 3c)
  • Spell: Dark Pact (3s 4c)
  • Spell: Leech (9s 2c)
  • Spell: Lesser Summon Corpse (1g 5s 4c)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Cabilis West

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with