Winnla Crestus

Full name Winnla Crestus Tailoring Supplies
Level 50
Race Erudite
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction Heretics
Health points 8,750
Damage 74 to 204
Special attacks Immune to fleeing
This NPC sells

  • Cloth Cord (1g 8s)
  • Leather Skullcap (1p 1g 6s)
  • Leather Mask (7g 4s)
  • Leather Gorget (8g 8s)
  • Leather Tunic (1p 8g 6s)
  • Leather Shoulderpads (1p 8g)
  • Leather Cloak (1p 8g)
  • Leather Belt (1p 4g)
  • Leather Sleeves (1p 6g)
  • Leather Wristbands (1p 2g)
  • Leather Gloves (1p 8g)
  • Leather Leggings (2p 2g)
  • Mead (5s)
  • Short Ale (5s)
  • This NPC spawns in


    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with