Merchant Lyssia

Full name Merchant Lyssia Enchanter Supplies
Level 43
Race High Elf
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction Merchants of Felwithe
Health points 2,279
Damage 34 to 133
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Bloodstone (5g)
  • Book of Ancient Restoration (2p)
  • Cat's Eye Agate (2g)
  • Dagger (2p)
  • Green Jr Apprentice Robe* (5g)
  • Green Sr Apprentice Robe* (2p 5g)
  • Jasper (7g 5s)
  • Peridot (10p)
  • Piece of Parchment (1g)
  • Quill (1g)
  • Rapier (13p)
  • Spell: Enchant Mithril (20p 7g 8s 4c)
  • Star Rose Quartz (1p)
  • The End of an Age (2p)
  • Throwing Knife (1s)
  • Tiny Dagger (1s)
  • Tome of Endless Enchantments (10p)
  • Wrist Pouch (1g)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Southern Felwithe