Xista Finder

Full name Xista Finder Enchanter Spells
Level 40
Race High Elf
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction Merchants of Felwithe
Health points 3,250
Damage 32 to 124
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Spell: Color Flux (2s 2c)
  • Spell: Enfeeblement (2s 4c)
  • Spell: Fear (2s)
  • Spell: Haze (2s 2c)
  • Spell: Juli`s Animation (2s)
  • Spell: Lull (2s)
  • Spell: Mesmerize (2s)
  • Spell: Minor Illusion (2s)
  • Spell: Pendril's Animation (2s)
  • Spell: Shallow Breath (2s)
  • Spell: Strengthen (2s)
  • Spell: Suffocating Sphere (2s 4c)
  • Spell: Taper Enchantment (2s)
  • Spell: Tashan (2s)
  • Spell: Weaken (2s)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Southern Felwithe