Jengo Smirt

Full name Jengo Smirt
Level 35
Race Human
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction
Health points 1,675
Damage 14 to 78
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Broad Sword (3p 3g)
  • Combine Long Sword (50p)
  • Combine Short Sword (35p)
  • Combine Two Handed Sword (100p)
  • Dagger (2p)
  • Earring of Fire Reflection (5p)
  • Rapier (13p)
  • Scimitar (6p)
  • Short Sword (2p)
  • Throwing Knife (1s)
  • This NPC spawns in

    The Lavastorm Mountains

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with