Cavalier Cerakor

Full name Cavalier Cerakor Paladin Spells
Level 60
Race High Elf
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction
Health points 24,400
Damage 160 to 580
Special attacks Unslowable, Unmezzable, Uncharmable, Unstunable, Unsnarable, Unfearable, Immune to melee, Immune to magic, Immune to melee except magical, Immune to melee except bane
This NPC sells

  • Spell: Resist Poison (3p 3g 3s 2c)
  • Spell: Heroism (31p 2s 9c)
  • Spell: Touch of Nife (71p 5g 4s 8c)
  • Spell: Greater Immobilize (71p 1g 5s 9c)
  • Spell: Force of Akilae (75p 8g 7s 5c)
  • Spell: Ward of Nife (76p 4g 9s 5c)
  • Spell: Deny Undead (74p 7g 9s 1c)
  • Spell: Crusaders Touch (75p 8g 1s 9c)
  • Spell: Symbol of Marzin (36p 9g 1s 6c)
  • Spell: Improved Invis vs Undead (24p 7g 2s 3c)
  • Spell: Pious Might (80p 8g 6s 5c)
  • Spell: Light of Nife (81p 7g 6s 4c)
  • Spell: Heroic Bond (31p 2g 6s 3c)
  • Spell: Supernal Cleansing (86p 2g 2c)
  • Spell: Aura of the Crusader (86p 8g 3s 6c)
  • Spell: Quellious' Word of Serenity (85p 9g 9c)
  • Spell: Bulwark of Faith (45p 3g 9s 6c)
  • Spell: Force of Piety (131p 9g 6s 4c)
  • Spell: Touch of Piety (131p 8g 2s 6c)
  • Spell: Crusader's Purity (140p 5g 7s 5c)
  • Spell: Silvered Fury (137p 8g 6s 5c)
  • Spell: Spurn Undead (138p 6g 3s 1c)
  • Spell: Symbol of Jeron (139p 1g 3s 4c)
  • Spell: Jeron's Mark (146p 8g 9c)
  • Spell: Light of Piety (149p 2g 2s 8c)
  • Spell: Pious Fury (148p 9g 2s 3c)
  • Spell: Serene Command (149p 2g 9s 3c)
  • Spell: Last Rites (168p 4g 6s 6c)
  • Spell: Armor of the Champion (157p 3g 5s 6c)
  • Spell: Bulwark of Piety (158p 9g 3s 8c)
  • Spell: Hand of Direction (156p 9g 5s)
  • Spell: Pious Cleansing (158p 1g 2s 7c)
  • Spell: Silent Piety (177p 8g 7s 5c)
  • Spell: Affirmation (166p 2g 5s)
  • Spell: Brell's Brawny Bulwark (164p 2g 3c)
  • Spell: Wave of Piety (167p 1g 7c)
  • Spell: Blessed Aura (197p 4g 4s 5c)
  • Spell: Ward of Tunare (194p 7g 9s 4c)
  • Spell: Shackles of Tunare (100p 7g 4s 6c)
  • Spell: Wave of Marr (99p 8g 3s 1c)
  • Spell: Brell's Stalwart Shield (99p 3g 7s 7c)
  • Spell: Guidance (111p 6g 8s 6c)
  • Spell: Holy Order (115p 4g 7s 6c)
  • Spell: Light of Order (117p 4g 7s 8c)
  • Spell: Wave of Trushar (116p 2g 4s 4c)
  • Spell: Direction (132p 6g 7s 9c)
  • This NPC spawns in

    The Plane of Knowledge

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with