Scribe Dav

Full name Scribe Dav Shaman Spells
Level 10
Race Vah Shir
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction
Health points 200
Damage 0 to 0
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Spell: Agility (11p 8s 2c)
  • Spell: Alacrity (9g 3s)
  • Spell: Blizzard Blast (14p 5g 5s 9c)
  • Spell: Chloroplast (9p 6s 8c)
  • Spell: Deftness (9p 6s 1c)
  • Spell: Furious Strength (9p 1g 2s 7c)
  • Spell: Glamour (7p 3g 9s 3c)
  • Spell: Guardian (12p 4s 3c)
  • Spell: Incapacitate (10p 9s 1c)
  • Spell: Nullify Magic (4p 1g 9s 7c)
  • Spell: Resist Magic (7p 3g 7s 4c)
  • Spell: Stamina (13p 2g 5s)
  • Spell: Talisman of Altuna (10p 9s)
  • Spell: Togor's Insects (8p 1g 6s 7c)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Kerra Isle

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with