Merchant Emi

Full name Merchant Emi Alchemy Supplies
Level 50
Race Vah Shir
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction Citizens of Shar Vahl
Health points 3,750
Damage 74 to 204
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Bark Potion (5p)
  • Chipped Bone Rod (1p)
  • Cloudy Potion (5p)
  • Crimson Potion (5p)
  • Crystallized Pumice (5p)
  • Dufrenite (15p)
  • Fish Gill Extract (5p)
  • Harvest Crystal (2g)
  • Mistletoe (1s)
  • Murky Vial (5p)
  • Pale Green Potion (5p)
  • Potion of Light Healing (2p)
  • Sandalwood (50p)
  • Spring Crystal (2s)
  • Vial of Swirling Smoke (200p)
  • Wrist Pouch (1g)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Kerra Isle