Solsain Paslinor

Full name Solsain Paslinor
Level 55
Race Human
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction
Health points 4,325
Damage 78 to 219
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Amber (2p 5g)
  • Bloodstone (5g)
  • Bracelet Mold (20p)
  • Carnelian (8g 5s)
  • Cat's Eye Agate (2g)
  • Delicate Gem Glue Solvent (100p)
  • Dragon Rune Sketch (4p 4g 6s 2c)
  • Earring Mold (20p)
  • Embossing Sketch (1p)
  • Emerald (13p)
  • Fine Sand (1p)
  • Gold Embossing (1p 4s)
  • Grinding Powder (1s)
  • Half-Moon Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Half-Moon Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Half-Moon Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Hematite (1g 5s)
  • Jade (3p 5g)
  • Jasper (7g 5s)
  • Jeweler's Kit (1p)
  • Lapis Lazuli (9s)
  • Large Gem Glue Solvent (10p)
  • Legacy of Jewel Craft (1g)
  • Malachite (5s)
  • Marquise Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Marquise Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Marquise Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Onyx (6g 5s)
  • Opal (17p)
  • Oval Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Oval Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Oval Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pear Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pear Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pear Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pearl (4p 5g)
  • Pendant Mold (20p)
  • Peridot (10p)
  • Platinum Embossing (2p 4g 8s)
  • Ring Mold (20p)
  • Round Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Round Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Round Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Ruby (125p)
  • Small Gem Glue Solvent (1g)
  • Solo Setting Tool (5p)
  • Square Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Square Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Square Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Square Cut Tool (5p)
  • Star Rose Quartz (1p)
  • The Basics of Jewelcrafting (1p)
  • Topaz (5p)
  • Trilion Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Trilion Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Trilion Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Turquoise (1g 1s)
  • Veil Mold (20p)
  • This NPC spawns in

    The Echo Caverns

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with