Stinak Goldknuckle

Full name Stinak Goldknuckle
Level 35
Race Dwarf
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction
Health points 2,047
Damage 18 to 74
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Small Plate Gorget Mold (7g)
  • Small Plate Bracer Mold (6p)
  • Small Plate Boot Mold (12p)
  • Small Plate Helm Mold (10p)
  • Small Plate Visor Mold (5p)
  • Small Plate Pauldron Mold (20p)
  • Small Plate Belt Mold (7p)
  • Small Plate Vambrace Mold (10p)
  • Small Plate Greaves Mold (18p)
  • Small Breastplate Mold (20p)
  • Small Plate Gauntlet Mold (3p)
  • Small Field Splinted Cloak Mold (10p)
  • Small Buckler Mold (3s)
  • Small Round Shield Mold (3s)
  • Small Targ Shield Mold (3s)
  • Small Kite Shield Mold (3s)
  • Small Tower Shield Mold (3s)
  • Ikthars Fine Steel Skin (1g)
  • Fireprides Guide to Shield Craft (1g)
  • Rings, Chains, and Arrowheads (1g)
  • Fungus Flesh Wristband (8s)
  • Sensate Reishi Eye (4s 3c)
  • Rune of Neglect (1p 2g)
  • Bronze Brigandine Bracelet (1p 4g)
  • Sensate Reishi Cap (2g 5s)
  • Fungus Flesh Sleeves (1g 5s)
  • Sullied Spear (2g)
  • Fungal Fiend Membrane Armbands (8g)
  • Large Bronze Brigandine Belt (2p 8g)
  • Bronze Brigandine Coif (2p 7g)
  • Sensate Reishi Lens (1g 5s)
  • Large Bronze Brigandine Mantle (3p 2g)
  • Words of the Extinct (6g 2s 5c)
  • Words of Absorption (6g)
  • Malachite (5s)
  • Small Bronze Brigandine Mantle (3p 2g)
  • Recondite Bandit Bracer (9g)
  • Recondite Insignia Ring (2g 1s 5c)
  • Silver Stud (1g 5s)
  • Large Bronze Brigandine Coif (2p 7g)
  • Turquoise (1g 1s)
  • Journeymen's Pitchatka (5s)
  • Bronze Brigandine Sleeves (2p 6g)
  • Lapis Lazuli (9s)
  • Copper Amulet (1g)
  • Words of Dominion (4g)
  • Words of Enlightenment (6g)
  • Bronze Brigandine Neckguard (1p 1g)
  • Small Bronze Brigandine Gloves (2p 3g)
  • Cat's Eye Agate (2g)
  • Sullied Two Handed Sword (3g)
  • Bronze Brigandine Visor (2p 4g)
  • Recycled Platinum (12p)
  • Saltpeter (4s 8c)
  • Archaic Circuitry (35p)
  • Oxidized Steel Plate (6p 5g)
  • Moonstone Crystal (2p)
  • Jade (3p 5g)
  • Golden Ember Powder (1p 8g)
  • Red Fungal Fiend Spores (4g)
  • Copper Band (6s)
  • Shik'Nar Legs (1g 4s 5c)
  • Owlbear Feathers (2p)
  • Damaged Owlbear Pelt (6s 5c)
  • Large Bronze Brigandine Visor (2p 4g)
  • This NPC spawns in

    The Bazaar

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with