Eriska Malosona

Full name Eriska Malosona Jewelry Supplies
Level 40
Race Erudite
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction House of Midst
Health points 3,250
Damage 32 to 124
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Amber (2p 5g)
  • Bloodstone (5g)
  • Bracelet Mold (20p)
  • Carnelian (8g 5s)
  • Cat's Eye Agate (2g)
  • Delicate Gem Glue Solvent (100p)
  • Dragon Rune Sketch (4p 4g 6s 2c)
  • Earring Mold (20p)
  • Embossing Sketch (1p)
  • Emerald (13p)
  • Fine Sand (1p)
  • Gold Embossing (1p 4s)
  • Grinding Powder (1s)
  • Half-Moon Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Half-Moon Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Half-Moon Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Hematite (1g 5s)
  • Jade (3p 5g)
  • Jasper (7g 5s)
  • Jeweler's Kit (1p)
  • Lapis Lazuli (9s)
  • Large Gem Glue Solvent (10p)
  • Legacy of Jewel Craft (1g)
  • Malachite (5s)
  • Marquise Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Marquise Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Marquise Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Onyx (6g 5s)
  • Opal (17p)
  • Oval Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Oval Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Oval Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pear Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pear Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pear Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Pearl (4p 5g)
  • Pendant Mold (20p)
  • Peridot (10p)
  • Platinum Embossing (2p 4g 8s)
  • Ring Mold (20p)
  • Round Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Round Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Round Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Ruby (125p)
  • Small Gem Glue Solvent (1g)
  • Solo Setting Tool (5p)
  • Square Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Square Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Square Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Square Cut Tool (5p)
  • Star Rose Quartz (1p)
  • The Basics of Jewelcrafting (1p)
  • Topaz (5p)
  • Trilion Cut Earring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Trilion Cut Pendant Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Trilion Cut Ring Jewelry Mold (1p)
  • Turquoise (1g 1s)
  • Veil Mold (20p)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Shadow Haven

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with