Wrin Liltin

Full name Wrin Liltin Armor
Level 45
Race Human
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction Merchants of Qeynos
Health points 5,875
Damage 36 to 139
Special attacks
This NPC sells

  • Large Leather Skullcap (1p 6g)
  • Large Leather Tunic (2p 6g)
  • Large Leather Shoulderpads (1p 8g)
  • Large Leather Cloak (1p 8g)
  • Large Leather Belt (1p 4g)
  • Large Leather Sleeves (1p 6g)
  • Large Leather Wristbands (1p 2g)
  • Large Leather Gloves (1p 8g)
  • Large Leather Leggings (2p 2g)
  • Large Leather Boots (1p 8g)
  • Large Ringmail Coif (2p 7g)
  • Large Ringmail Belt (2p 8g)
  • Large Ringmail Sleeves (2p 6g)
  • Large Ringmail Bracelet (1p 4g)
  • Large Ringmail Pants (4p 2g)
  • Large Ringmail Boots (2p 7g)
  • Large Buckler (3g)
  • Large Round Shield (1p 5g)
  • Large Wooden Shield (9g)
  • This NPC spawns in

    South Qeynos

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with